Sentence Examples

  • Rather than baking a standard sized heart cake with white or yellow batter, why not find a set of smaller heart shaped pans and use them to make decadent, jet black chocolate pudding cake?
  • Hearing not only her teammates but also the crowd shouting support is a great experience for any batter, and can help given her confidence as she's facing down the glaring thousand-yard stare of the pitcher on the mound.
  • In the past, the only way to see these amazing creations was to order them from an expensive bakery, but now viewers can tune in to these shows and watch talented bakers start with batter and end with intricate pieces of edible art.
  • The real fact is that it simply came from both the pace of the game (which is slower than many sports) as well as the intense pressure and focus that comes to the pitcher and batter over and over again.
  • When you add your acid, the acidic juice of a lemon for example, to your base of the baking soda, the resulting chemical reaction crates carbon dioxide, CO2, which adds bubbles to your dough or batter.