Sentence Examples

  • Soak your feet in the concoction for half an hour, three times a day.Another recipe calls for 16 ounces of Listerine (the original formula - no mint or citrus flavors!) and 16 ounces of apple cider vinegar blended together.
  • Design Eight: Just when you thought the looks couldn't get anymore glamorous, you're greeted by this amazing fashion concoction of fabric, beading and pattern; the three of which come together beautifully.
  • The fruity, boozy drink was popularized in the United States at the 1964 World's Fair, and since that time people have been adding their own unique spins to the concoction.
  • Who in his right mind would trade a frosty cold beer for some yellow-greenish herb concoction that smells suspiciously like the sport socks you accidentally left tucked into a plastic bag for three months back in high school?
  • Be sure that when you're purchasing one of the Margaritaville machines that you know exactly which one you're getting as they're not always marked with anything but "Margarita Frozen Concoction Maker" or something similar.