Sentence Examples

  • No wonder Justin had concocted the story about working on a poultry farm.
  • This circumstance has naturally led to the theory that he concocted, if not the plot, at least the proofs of Mary's connivance.
  • Alex concocted this ridiculous trip to coax Katie to come back to Houston.
  • Despite the Ballplatz's efforts at postponement, the trial took place in Vienna in Dec. 1909, and revealed the documents upon which Friedjung had relied, as impudent forgeries concocted by subordinate officials of the Austro-Hungarian legation in Belgrade, with the connivance of the minister, Count Forga.cs.
  • Busolt, who suggests that Tyrtaeus was a native of Aphidnae in Laconia, conjectures that the entire legend may have been concocted in connexion with the expedition sent to the assistance of Sparta in her struggle with the revolted Helots at Ithome (464).