Sentence Examples

  • But he was battered beyond recognition from the helo crash, Dan said.
  • His battered body felt heavy, and his emotions grew chaotic.
  • The woman was hooked to a ventilator and IVs, her battered face clean and pale.
  • Like one of those physical forces which tend to reduce everything to a dead level, he battered down alike characters and fortresses; and in his endeavours to abolish faction, he killed that public spirit which, formed in the 16th century, had already produced the Republique of Bodin, de Thous History of his Times, La Boeties Contre Un, the Satire Mnippe, and Sullys Economies royales.
  • Crack! crash! bang! went his iron-shod hoofs against the wooden bodies of the Gargoyles, and they were battered right and left with such force that they scattered like straws in the wind.