Sentence Examples

  • With regard to the accessions to knowledge in the enormous group of the genuine Macrura, reference need only be made to the extensive reports in which Spence Bate, S.
  • A complete edition of his publications, edited by Robert Spearman and Julius Bate, appeared in 1748 (12 vols.); an Abstract of these followed in 1 753; and a Supplement, with Life by Spearman prefixed, in 1765.
  • Then Goodsir, Kroyer, Lilljeborg, Spence Bate and one or two others made considerable advances, and in 1865 a memorable paper by G.
  • (After Spence Bate and Westwood.) C, cephalon.
  • Georg Agricola, De re metallica (Basel, 1556); Percy Bate, English Table Glass (n.d.); G.