Sentence Examples

  • The slider on the original strap would come undone, loosening the whole strap and it was possible at that moment that a player would slacken his or her grip and release the Remote into the air.
  • Suddenly the threads that moved them began to slacken and become entangled and it grew difficult to move.
  • Very soon the barons began to return to their allegiance, or at least to slacken in their support of Louis, who had given much offence by his openly displayed distrust of his partisans and his undisguised preference for his French followers.
  • After two years' discipleship the Hegelian influence began to slacken.
  • Table Potential, Dissipation, Ioniz If we regard the potential gradient near the ground as representing a negative charge on the earth, then if the source of supply of that charge is unaffected the gradient will rise and become high when the operations by which discharge is promoted slacken their activity.