Sentence Examples

  • She glanced towards the brush and shrubs of an unkempt lot, where a crumbling foundation of an old beach house remained.
  • She had eyes the deepest blue-green of the Celtic Sea and flaxen hair, which although matted and unkempt, promised to shine sun-kissed when groomed.
  • "You can't go after Death," Gabe said quietly as he stepped from the cell.  The death-dealer was more unkempt than Rhyn had ever seen him.
  • There the vow was generally one of war or revenge, and, till it was accomplished, the man who vowed left his hair unshorn and unkempt, and abstained from wine, women, ointment and perfume.
  • The god is usually clothed in a short sleeveless tunic, and wears a round close-fitting cap. His face is that of a middle-aged man, with unkempt hair.

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