Sentence Examples

  • Ust and ash, gave rise to torrents of pasty mud, that flowed p own the slopes and overwhelmed houses and villages.
  • Poured torrents of drift snow from the interior into the sea.
  • Increased by the perennial waters of these numerous torrents the Senku makes its way S.W.
  • From the proximity of the mountains to the sea none of the rivers in this part of Italy has a long course, and they are generally mere mountain torrents, rapid and swollen in winter and spring, and almost dry in summer.
  • Below this the watershed of the Apennines is too near to the sea on that side to allow the formation of any large streams. Hence the rivers that flow in the opposite direction into the Adriatic and the Gulf of Taranto have much longer courses, though all partake of the character of mountain torrents, rushing down with great violence in winter and after storms, but dwindling in the summer into scanty streams, which hold a winding and sluggish course through the great plains of Apulia.

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