Sentence Examples

  • I locked out all the terminals, the emergency operations networks for the eastern part of the country, and re-routed the communications systems to my micro.
  • In order to avoid this sparking, every local instrument in the British Postal Telegraph Department has a " spark " coil connected across the terminals of the electromagnet.
  • Third divided into small subdivisions to any terminals of which the cross circuit connexions may be affixed.
  • He found, as others have dune, that if a battery, dynamo or induction coil has its terminals connected to the earth at two distant places, a system of electric currents flows between these points through the crust of the earth.
  • If the current is interrupted or alternating, and if a telephone receiver has its terminals connected to a separate metallic circuit joined by earth plates at two other places to the earth, not on the same equipotential surface of the first circuit, sounds will be heard in the telephone due to a current passing through it.