Sentence Examples

  • It has, however, been observed that in practice the width of extant rolls does not tally in any satisfactory degree with Pliny's measurements; and a more plausible explanation has been offered (Birt, Antik.
  • But "objective semblance" corresponds with reality; the spatial or external relations of the reals in this case must, therefore, tally with their inner or actual states.
  • Of the five "faithful sayings," three occur in I Tim.; these condensed aphorisms tally with liturgical fragments such as the famous quotation in I Tim.
  • The representation thus handed down (in the verses of Aratus) has been thought to tally best with the state of the sky about 2000 B.C.; 12 and the mention of a polestar, for which Eudoxus was rebuked by Hipparchus, seems, as W.
  • The new method abbreviates the time, since an electric current can tally almost simultaneously the data, the tallying of which by hand would be separated by appreciable intervals.