Sentence Examples

  • While HTC may have once been a relatively unknown name in the mobile phone industry, since it manufactured phones for other companies under other brand names, it has since carved out a sizable piece of the smartphone pie.
  • That's a sizable percentage of the cost of attending the university, and makes the total cost competitive with that of state schools and in many cases more affordable than attending an out-of-state public institution.
  • As much as many individuals would like a free preview of what a psychic has to offer, the most popular psychics have built up a sizable clientele and do not feel the need to prove themselves to the skeptics.
  • How much equity remains after the loan is given - If there is a sizable amount of equity still left in your home, this tells a lender that you are more apt to make good on the loan repayment.
  • Now, before anyone begins calling Guy a gold digger, keep in mind that he had his own sizable $35 million dollar bank account before he married Madonna, though not nearly as big as hers.