Sentence Examples

  • Again resuming his practice he was engaged by the government in the prosecution of Ku-Klux cases.
  • He explained, corrected or commented till the clock struck nine; then, with the little finger of the right hand brushing from his coat and waistcoat the shower of superfluous snuff which had fallen on them, he pocketed his snuff-box, and resuming his hat, he as silently as when he came in made his exit by the door which I rushed to open for him."
  • "I have to run by the house for more diapers," she said as I waved her away before resuming my call.
  • Resuming his voyage in an easterly direction, Tasman sighted the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand on the 13th of December of the same year, and describes the coast-line as consisting of " high mountainous country."
  • He used the dictatorial powers with which he was invested to place himself above the law, resuming in his person the state-machinery which had preceded him.