Sentence Examples

  • There wasn't a list of people with resumes including equine care.
  • When the filled packet is removed, the steelyard resumes its original position, and the filling goes on automatically.
  • In 1904 a new departure was made in issuing Annual Reports, containing resumes of the most important researches of the year.
  • The Garonne rises in the valley of Aran (Spanish Pyrenees), enters France near Bagnres-de-Luchon, has first a north-west course, then bends to the north-east, and soon resumes its first direction.
  • The Seine descends from the Langres plateau, flows northwest down to Mry, turns to the west, resumes its north-westerly direction at Montereau, passes through Paris and Rouen and discharges itself into the Channel between Le Havre and Honfleur.