Sentence Examples

  • Intense conditioning treatments, particularly on the ends of hair, can help avert or control this damage, while shorter styles utilize only healthier hair that is more resilient to the chemical treatments.
  • The human body is amazingly resilient, and if one were able to follow the three day meal plan to the letter, the body could probably handle it without suffering too much harm -- once.
  • For example, modifying food at the genetic level in order to make it a more vibrant color or more resilient to harsh weather while growing are both common reasoning for utilizing GMO technology.
  • Since the threads are thinner, more of them can be used per square inch of fabric, which results in a tighter weave; tighter weaves mean the product is stronger and more resilient.
  • In addition to the importance of calcium for strong bones, many alternative treatment approaches recommend use of mineral supplements to help build and maintain a healthy, resilient skeleton.