Sentence Examples

  • The jeans boast a specialized "cross-hatch" pattern that renders the jeans stretchy; they're also cut with a slight curve as opposed to the traditional straight cut, which allows the jeans to wear comfortably around the thighs and bottom.
  • Talbots: Perfect for family outings, relaxation or enjoying the scenery during a leisurely walk, these signature wash cargo pants feature slim legs and a stretchy, comfortable fit because they are made from a cotton/Lycra spandex blend.
  • The majority of soft shell jackets feature a tighter cut, eliminating excess bulky material and making them perfect for sports-themed outings, like hiking, biking, camping, etc. They often feature breathable, stretchy material as well.
  • The beauty of wearing clothing constructed of stretchy textiles, particularly for full-figured women, is that it moves with the body and caresses every curve to create a sensual, sexy look without clinging to unsightly bulges.
  • The key to being comfortable in a room where hot yoga is practiced is to keep the clothing to a minimum level (whatever minimum you are comfortable with), and make sure that the fabrics are light, stretchy, and breathable.