Sentence Examples

  • Dear one! she kept repeating, wiping away her tears with her fingers.
  • Repeating this construction for all values of a between o° and 90°, we obtain a curve BPC, which can be used for determining the ratios of corresponding drums of cone pulleys or of conical drums for open belts.
  • The process described by Quincke is somewhat elaborate; but there is little difficulty in repeating the experiment if the mistake be avoided of using a free surface already contaminated, as almost inevitably happens when the mercury is poured from an ordinary bottle.
  • In repeating and extending the experiments of Haiiy much later, Sir David Brewster discovered that various artificial salts were pyro-electric, and he mentions the tartrates of potash and soda and tartaric acid as exhibiting this property in a very strong degree.
  • The Christian practice of repeating prayers is traceable to early times: Sozomen mentions (H.E.

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