Sentence Examples

  • They attach, however, supreme value to the realities of which the observances are reminders or types - on the Baptism which is more than putting away the filth of the flesh, and on the vital union with Christ which is behind any outward ceremony.
  • Let us stand upon realities - upon facts!
  • As we transition from one set of economic realities to another, there will be severe disruptions along the way.
  • While not unaware that with this, as with all moral questions, there may be a certain borderland of practical difficulty, Friends endeavour to bring all things to the test of the Realities which, though not seen, are eternal, and to hold up the ideal, set forth by George Fox, of living in the.
  • Hence the beliefs he preached were never to him mere speculative ideas, but rather the ultimate realities of being and thought, the final truths as to the character and ways of God interpreted into a law for the government of conscience and the regulation of life.

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