Sentence Examples

  • She nodded and accepted Evelyn's far-fetched explanations just as she might nod and temporarily accept the equally unreal world of Star Wars.
  • He sat, petting her, thinking how unreal this all seemed, but at the same time celebrated that they had overcome their most daunting hardship.
  • It was unreal rocketing down this mountain, in pursuit of an unknown someone, one minute, surely Jeffrey Byrne, the next minute someone else.
  • Before the first consulship of Julius Caesar (59 B.C.), minutes of the proceedings of the senate were written and occasionally published, but unofficially; Caesar, desiring to tear away the veil of mystery which gave an unreal importance to the senate's deliberations, first ordered them to be recorded and issued authoritatively.
  • Locke and Hume held that the work of the mind was eo ipso unreal because it was "made by" man and not "given to" man.

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