Sentence Examples

  • He gave the question some thought before responding with an illusive and general answer.
  • There came a time, however, when Clement and more particularly his following had to acknowledge the vanity of these illusive dreams; and before his death, which took place on the 16th of September 1394, he realized the impossibility of overcoming by brute force an opposition which was founded on the convictions of the greater part of Catholic Europe, and discerned among his adherents the germs of disaffection.
  • Someone claiming to be 'the illusive psychic' has gone public.
  • I suddenly realized where the illusive motor home was parked and I knew Baby Claire Elizabeth LeBlanc was unidentified but alive!
  • But in the actual phenomenal world unity and harmony are replaced by strife and discord; the result is a conflict, a becoming and vanishing, an illusive existence.

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