Sentence Examples

  • And action, he fancied that he was a slave.
  • In 1844, after the disasters of the Afghan war had shaken the prestige of British arms in India, no less than seven native regiments broke into open mutiny over grievances both real and fancied; and this time the old stern measures were not adopted to stamp out military disobedience.
  • And when saying this she herself fancied she had really seen what she described.
  • It was named Paarl by the first settlers from the fancied resemblance of one of the boulders on the top of the hill, when glistening in the sun, to a gigantic pearl.
  • Rohde, Psyche, ii., who finds the origin of the Hellenic belief in the immortality of the soul in the " enthusiastic " rites of the Thracian Dionysus, which lifted persons out of themselves, and exalted them to a fancied equality with the gods; O.

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