Sentence Examples

  • "Thanks," Kiera said, doubting her outgoing friend would sit in a corner like she planned on doing.
  • The sole name he retained was Mick, the jolly outgoing spokesman for the group, who seemed to know all of the others.
  • It consists of a long screw spindle, coupled by suitable gearing with the cable drum, and thus rotating at the speed of the outgoing cable; on this screw works a nut which forms the centre of a thin 'circular disk, the edge of which is pressed against the surface of a right circular cone, the line of contact, as the nut moves along the screw, being parallel to the axis of the latter.
  • This cone is driven by gearing from the wire drum, so that it rotates at the speed of the outgoing wire, the direction of rotation being such as to cause the nut to travel towards the smaller end of the cone.
  • In order that the line between two stations may be worked on the duplex system it is essential that the receiving instrument shall not be acted on by the outgoing currents, but shall respond to incoming currents.

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