Sentence Examples

  • Of these by far the most remarkable is the Scott monument in East Princes Street Gardens, designed by George Meikle Kemp (1795-1844); it is in the form of a spiral Gothic cross with a central canopy beneath which is a seated statue of Scott with his dog " Maida " at his side, by Sir John Steell, the niches being occupied by characters in Sir Walter's writings.
  • High, belong to a facade of four still higher columns erected in 'front of the absidal cella or sanctuary, with three niches for statues - no doubt of the protecting deities.
  • In diameter; it has two or three niches, and a conical roof formed by the gradual inclination of the walls to the centre.
  • Seated statues of both the Plinies, clad in the garb of scholars of the year 1500, maybe seen in the niches on either side of the main entrance to the cathedral church of Como.
  • Igetation growing in clefts and niches (Warming, 1909: 240).