Sentence Examples

  • Therefore let them first eat meats and be sated, and then let them partake of the mysteries."
  • The principal items of export are wool, skins, tallow, frozen mutton, chilled beef, preserved meats, butter and other articles of pastoral produce, timber, wheat, flour and fruits, gold, silver, lead, copper, tin and other metals.
  • Of Parma, after having been ~vera- reinstated by the Austrians, abdicated in favor of his meats son Charles III.
  • For after holding good cheer and filling themselves with meats of all kinds, they at eventide make the offering (7rpoo 4 opa) and partake of it.
  • P. 365) Chrysostom describes how after the eucharistic synaxis was over, the faithful remained in church, while the rich brought out meats and drink from their houses, and invited the poor, and furnished "common tables, common banquets, common symposia in the church itself."

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