Sentence Examples

  • Therefore let them first eat meats and be sated, and then let them partake of the mysteries."
  • Usually two insulated compartments are provided, one for frozen meats at about 20 0 F., and one for vegetables, &c., at about 40°.
  • Mutton and goat's flesh are the meats most eaten: pork is avoided on religious grounds, and the hare is never touched, possibly, as in other countries, from superstition.
  • Or would be a demand if suitable land were available, and meats the extent to which it is reasonably practicable, having regard to the provisions of the acts, to satisfy any such demand, and to co-operate with authorities, associations or persons best qualified to assist, and to take such steps as may be necessary.
  • The course of trade from 1880 to 1905 was as follows: The principal articles of export in 1905 were: Woo, £ 1 3,44 6, 260; gold, £3, o 53,33 1; silver and concentrates, £2,407,142;, lead, £I,072,858; butter, £817,820; coal, £I,565,602; copper, £I,280,599; breadstuffs, £1,345,589; leather and skins, £1,559,033; meats, £761,235; tallow, £464,330; timber, £353,265; tin, £466,049.

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