Sentence Examples

  • 'QUEZAL, or Quesal, the Spanish-American name for one of the most beautiful of birds, abbreviated from the Aztec or Maya Quetzal-tototl, the last part of the compound word meaning fowl, and the first, also written Cuetzal, the long feathers of rich green with which it is adorned.'
  • The sites of some of the old Maya cities are also considered dangerous at certain seasons.
  • There were eserted cities falling into ruins, and others, like Chichen-itza, xmal and Tuloom, which were still inhabited by remnants of heir former Maya populations.
  • The great problem in 41 1 1 the Maya settlements of Yucatan was that of securing and .preserving a water supply for the dry season.
  • Strong, fine, glossy fibres are yielded by the exotic ramie (Boehmeria nivea), whose fibre, like that of the majagua, is almost incorruptible; by the maya or rat-pineapple (Bromelia Pinguin), and by the daquilla (or daiguiya - Lagetta lintearia, L.

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