Sentence Examples

  • Manganese is mined mainly near La Maya and El Cristo in Oriente.
  • Maya architecture is the best remaining index of the art achievements of the American race.
  • Thence his line stretched along the Pyrenees by the passes of Vera, Echallar, Maya and Roncesvalles, to Altobiscar; his immediate object now being to reduce the fortresses of San Sebastian and Pampeluna.
  • The four leading Maya signs called kan, muluc, ix, cauac corresponded in their position to the four Aztec signs rabbit, reed, flint, house, but the meanings of the Maya signs are, unlike the Aztec, very obscure.
  • Nevertheless, part of the later Maya records may be genuine - for instance, when they relate .the war about three centuries before the Spanish conquest, when the king of Chichen-Itza destroyed the great city of Mayapan.