Sentence Examples

  • In England a Lenten fast was first ordered to be observed by Earconberht, king of Kent (640-664).
  • C. Polkinghorne, Survey and Record of Woolwich and West Kent (Woolwich, 1909).
  • Towards the end of the reign of lEthelberht, who died about 616, Radwald of East Anglia, who had apparently spent some time at the court of Kent, began to win for himself the chief position among the Anglo-Saxon kings of his day.
  • Kent, Israel's Hist.
  • The only alien priories granted were Abberbury in Oxfordshire, Wedon Pinkney in Northamptonshire, Romney in Kent, and St Clare and Llangenith in Wales, all very small affairs, single manors and rectories, and these did not form a quarter of the whole endowment.