Sentence Examples

  • At the end of 1709 he went to Dresden for twelve months for finishing lessons in French and German, mathematics and fortification, and, his education completed, he was married, greatly against his will, to the princess Charlotte of BrunswickWolfenbiittel, whose sister espoused, almost simultaneously, the heir to the Austrian throne, the archduke Charles.
  • He entered the university of Göttingen, but soon left, and, taking service in the Austrian army, took part in the Russian campaign of 1812, and fought in the following year at Dresden, Kulm and Leipzig.
  • Silbermann's 18th-century Dresden pitch, a' 415, and the organs of Renatus Harris, a' 428.7.
  • 1754 St Sophie, Dresden, G.
  • Schmidt (Dresden, 1905).