Sentence Examples

  • Or maybe it goes back to your junior prom.
  • Within a year of its publication the post of legal member of council in India was offered to Maine, then a junior member of the bar with little practice, few advantages of connexion, and no political or official claims. He declined once, on grounds of health; the very next year the office was again vacant.
  • Sackville, in characteristic fashion, stipulated for a viscounty, as otherwise he would be junior to his secretary, his lawyer and to Amherst, who had been page to his father.
  • The first attack upon the aristocracy proceeded from a young noble named Cylon, who endeavoured to become tyrant about 630 B.C. The people helped to crush this movement; yet discontent must have been rife among them, for in 621 the Eupatrids commissioned Draco, a junior magistrate, to draft and publish a code of criminal law.
  • About 14 9 0); but his earliest definite appearance in the records is as junior bursar of Magdalen College in 1498-1499, and senior bursar in 1 499150o, an office he was compelled to resign for applying funds to the completion of the great tower without sufficient authority (W.

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