Sentence Examples

  • But he was 10th to execute judgments upon English Puritans, and modern high churchmen complain of his infirmity of purpose, his opportunism and his failure to give Parker adequate assistance in rebuilding the shattered fabric of the English Church.
  • These were usually regarded as visitations of chastisement for national sins and vindications of divine righteousness or judgments, i.e.
  • But it leads to different judgments: If I experience X as bad and you think it is good, in essence you are saying, "You are wrong and I am right."
  • The unit of knowledge is not an isolated impression but a judgment; and in such a judgment is contained, even initially, the reference both to a permanent subject and to a permanent world of thought, and, implied in these, such judgments, for example, as those of existence, substance, cause and effect.
  • He calls them "natural judgments," "natural suggestions," "judgments of nature," "judgments immediately inspired by our constitution," "principles of our nature," "first principles," "principles of common sense."

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