Sentence Examples

  • The site was seen to have considerable potential for drawing in innovative products for the construction industry.
  • New Order have always managed to sound contemporary through the years, often they've sounded innovative and groundbreaking.
  • Finding a permanent solution to treat loss or increase hair growth is not an exact science, although innovative studies have proven that certain types of scalp stimulation triggered a significant growth in a percentage of hair loss clients.
  • Tech items are usually quite pricey, especially if you buy the most innovative and hottest gifts that are just hitting store shelves (you'll definitely get bonus points for big ticket items that allow him to be one of the first to own it).
  • This site is a good bet, not just because they offer the Oakley Wisdom Ski Goggles in a matte black frame and a high intensity blue lens, but because they go the extra mile in describing the innovative technology that is utilized by Oakley.