Sentence Examples

  • If he was half as creative at torturing people and planning his battles as he was in bed, he was more than capable of doing it.
  • Every night, he had to be better than the night before: More creative, more sensitive to her body.
  • Did he need order in his world, because he was like Ashley, creative and absent-minded?
  • To this attitude he offered uncompromising opposition, and by the synthetical production of numerous hydrocarbons, natural fats, sugars and other bodies he proved that organic compounds can be formed by ordinary methods of chemical manipulation and obey the same laws as inorganic substances, thus exhibiting the "creative character in virtue of which chemistry actually realizes the abstract conceptions of its theories and classifications - a prerogative so far possessed neither by the natural nor by the historical sciences."
  • The English translations (Time and Free Will, Matter and Memory and Creative Evolution) all belong to 1910-1.

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