Sentence Examples

  • If the slit is of 'constant width and we require the illumination at various points on the screen behind it, we must regard the arc of the curve as of constant length.
  • The only effect of the ruling is to diminish the amplitude in the ratio a: a+d; and, except for the difference in illumination, the appearance of a line of light is the same as if the aperture were perfectly free.
  • On either side of any one of them the illumination is distributed according to the same law as for the central image (m = o), vanishing, for example, when the retardation amounts to (mn t 1)X.
  • Cases of pallor due to too intense illumination and destruction of chlorophyll must also be distinguished.
  • The response to the action of light in diatropic leaves is, according to Haberlandt, due to the presence of epidermal cells which are shaped like a lens, or with lens-shaped thickenings of the cuticle, through which convergence of the light rays takes place and causes a differential illumination of the lining layer of protoplasm on the basal walls of the epidermal cells, by which the stimulus resulting in the orientation of the leaf is brought about.

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