Sentence Examples

  • Thus the groupings J_C C - - C C - >N CH 3 and - C C C N exist in the molecule, and the alkaloid is to be represented as a-pyridyl-N-methyl-pyrollidine.
  • In the course of the 19th century the idea that the different elements are constituted by different groupings or condensations of one primal matter - a speculation which, if proved to be well grounded, would imply the possibility of changing one element into another - found favour with more than one responsible chemist; but experimental research failed to yield any evidence that was generally regarded as offering any support to this hypothesis.
  • We now proceed to discuss the types of aliphatic compounds; then, the characteristic groupings having been established, an epitome of their derivatives will be given.
  • Examination of the absorption spectra of coloured compounds shows that certain groupings displace the absorption bands in one direction, and other groupings in the other.
  • It follows on this theory that all coloured substances contain either of the groupings or the former being a para-quinonoid, the latter an ortho-quinonoid.

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