Sentence Examples

  • Constellatus, studded with stars; con, with, and stella, a star), in astronomy, the name given to certain groupings of stars.
  • Work has been and is being done by the laborious methods here alluded to, and though the diversity of opinion as to the broader groupings of classification is still restricted only by the number of writers, we can point to an ever-increasing body of assured knowledge on which all are agreed.
  • The forty ancient counties, remnants of various historical groupings and partings, are occasionally bounded by rivers.
  • The aldo-ketenes are colourless compounds which are not capable of autoxidation, are polymerized by pyridine or quinoline, and are inert towards compounds containing the groupings C :N and C :O.
  • The learner is to be led forward to the unknown by being made to hark back to more familiar groupings of the alphabet of nature which he is coming to recognize with some certainty.

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