Sentence Examples

  • The goal of using SEO is to create a harmonious balance between search engine optimizing components like keyword placement in text, titles, or headers and attractive elements like graphics, dynamic material, and site design.
  • Using a quote for a tattoo will involve several symbols and you will need to choose a site for placement where the characters can be displayed correctly, since the arrangement of the characters affects the meaning of the sentence.
  • Each person has many different elements in their birth chart (a chart that shows the placement of the cosmos at the exact moment of your birth) and that means that there is a lot more involved than just compatible zodiac signs.
  • In these cases, child protective services are fairly certain the courts will decide in favor of the adoptive placement, but this tentative situation imposes a potentially uncomfortable arrangement on the adoptive family and their household.
  • Likewise, a popular soundtrack or placement in a popular film can breathe new life into a song that has stopped selling, bring renewed interest to a band that has fallen from the spotlight or make overnight stars of underground musicians.