Sentence Examples

  • A notable example of this curious nomenclature occurs in Bethesda, Carnarvonshire, where the name of the Congregational chapel erected early in the 10th century has altogether supplanted the original Celtic place-name of Cilfoden.
  • The notion that ancient burial mounds were liable to be inhabited by dragons was common in the Germanic world: there is perhaps a trace of it in the Derbyshire place-name Drakelow, which means " dragon's barrow."
  • The coincidence of the title with the place-name of the battle which had not yet been fought when the title was conferred, is curious, but accidental.
  • LUGUDUNUM, or LUGDUNUM, an old Celtic place-name (fort or hill of the god Lugos or Lug) used by the Romans for several towns in ancient Gaul.
  • Xaverius) rather than "Francisco Xavier," as Xavier is originally a place-name.