Sentence Examples

  • As a rule there is no allantoic placenta forming the means of communication between the blood of the parent and the foetus, and when such a structure does occur its development is incomplete.
  • It is urged that the imperfect placenta of the bandicoots instead of being vestigial, may be an instance of parallelism, and that in marsupials generally the allantois failed to form a placental connexion.
  • Finally, there is the hypothesis that marsupials are the descendants of placentals, in which case, as was suggested by its discoverer, the placenta of the bandicoots would be a true vestigial structure.
  • I had a really traumatic birth, he was born 2 mths early by emergency c-section due to me having a placenta abruption.
  • She has been admitted to Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, FL with possible placenta abruption.

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