Sentence Examples

  • The time in which the escapement or connexion is being completed.
  • This system of telegraphic printing has a great advantage over the step-by-step system in avoiding the necessity for the rapidly acting electric escapement, which, however skilfully planned and executed, is always liable to failure when worked too rapidly.
  • He is credited with the invention of the anchor escapement for clocks, and also with the application of spiral springs to the balances of watches, together with the explanation of their action by the principle Ut tensio sic vis (1676).
  • The motion of the fork is maintained by the clock acting through an escapement, and the dial registers both the number Koenig's of vibrations of the fork and the seconds, minutes and Tuning-fork hours.
  • According to a revised mining law of 1899 (subsequently amended), all mines are required to be in charge of certified mine managers, mine examiners, and hoisting engineers, when the services of the engineers are necessary; and every mine must have an escapement shaft distinct from the hoisting shaft.

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