Sentence Examples

  • She had some money—I guess she swiped that, too—so we were on the lam, like in the movies.
  • On the lam, sort of.
  • There are three genera: (i.) Priapulus, with the species P. caudatus, Lam., of the Arctic and Antarctic and neighbouring cold seas, and P. bicaudatus, Dan., of the north Atlantic and Arctic seas; (ii.) Priapuloides australis, de Guerne, of the southern circumpolar waters; and (iii.) Halicryptus, with the species H.
  • A prae-gen 1 2 3 s Lam_ Opisthosoma FIG.
  • The name of his chief temple at Kutha was E-shid-lam, from which the god receives the designation of Shidlamtdea, "the one that rises up from Shidlam."

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