Sentence Examples

  • Even though Shiseido is known for its non-irritating products, nothing causes a breakout faster than additional layers or touch-ups of makeup being added to oily skin that has taken in the environmental elements of the day.
  • Just a year later, the new lineup found unexpected success with Tell All Your Friends, their full-length debut and an album that went gold on the strength of breakout single "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)."
  • Additionally, he and co-star Evangeline Lilly ranked as number six on TV Guide's "20 Hottest Kisses of All Time" and Holloway was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards' "Best TV Breakout Performance" in 2005.
  • Often recognized for her stunning beauty, Bush's acting has resulted in several Teen Choice Awards including comedy and breakout actress awards for her roles in Tucker Must Die and The Hitcher.
  • He is reportedly planning to work with Ryan Tedder of the band One Republic and Jesse McCartney (who penned Leona Lewis' breakout hit Bleeding Love) on his post Idol debut album.