Sentence Examples

  • Nevertheless, he became more anxious than ever to emancipate himself from French thraldom, and his first sign of independence was his visit to Venice in 1687, where he conferred on political affairs with Prince Eugene of Savoy and other personages, without consulting Louis.
  • His attempt to emancipate himself from the control of the coalition at the general elections of Oct.
  • He opposed woman suffrage on the ground that the majority of women did not want it and never would, and declared that until woman should "emancipate herself from the thraldom to etiquette," he "could not see how the ` woman's rights theory ' is ever to be anything more than a logically defensible abstraction."
  • The helots were state slaves bound to the soil- adscripti glebae - and assigned to individual Spartiates to till their holdings (icXi pot); their masters could neither emancipate them nor sell them off the land, and they were under an oath not to raise the rent payable yearly in kind by the helots.
  • Under the constitution of 1820 the General Assembly had power to emancipate the slaves with the consent of their masters.