Sentence Examples

  • The constitutions and rituals of these secret orders have declarations of principles, of which the following are characteristic: to protect and succour the weak and unfortunate, especially the widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers; to protect members, of the white race in life, honour and property from the encroachments of the blacks; to oppose the Radical Republican party and the Union League; to defend constitutional liberty, to prevent usurpation, emancipate the whites, maintain peace and order, the laws of God, the principles of 1776, and the political and social supremacy of the white race - in short, to oppose African influence in government and society, and to prevent any intermingling of the races.
  • During the American Civil War Owen urged Abraham Lincoln to force the South to emancipate the slaves.
  • Like the French philosophers, they do not claim to emancipate a particular class to begin with, but all humanity at once.
  • Christianity sees in this proposal a disastrous attempt to emancipate humanity from divine providence by setting the creation above the Creator.
  • Rather, he insisted that the proletariat could not emancipate itself through the use of state power.

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