Sentence Examples

  • An, matter, 'coii, life), in philosophy, a term applied to any system which explains all life, whether physical or mental, as ultimately derived from matter ("cosmic matter," Weldstoff).
  • The recognition of this abstract notion of the Brahma as the highest cosmic principle and its identification with the pantheistic conception of an all-pervading, self-existent spiritual substance, the primary source of the universe; and subsequently coupled therewith the personification of its creative energy in the form of Brahma, the divine representative of the earthly priest, who was made to take the place of the earlier conception of Prajapati, " the lord of creatures" (see B Rahmanism).
  • Thus the periodical sacrifice is nothing else than a microcosmic representation of the everproceeding destruction and renewal of all cosmic life and matter.
  • John Fiske, however, an able interpreter of Spencer, reached what he called " Cosmic Theism.
  • In the modern doctrine of evolution the cosmic system appears as a natural product of elementary matter and its laws.

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