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  • Ralpachen was assassinated by the partisans of Lang-dharma and the country fell into disorder.
  • The new literature therefore, which the new movement called forth, was written, and has been preserved, in Sanskrit - its principal books of Dharma, or doctrine, being the following nine: (I) Prajna-paramita; (2) Ganda-vyuha; (3) Dasa-bhumis-vara; (4) Samadhi-raja; (5) Lankavatara; (6) Saddharma-pundarika; ('7) Tathagata-guhyaka; (8) Lalita-vistara; (9) Suvarna-prabhasa.
  • "My noble father," said Gotama, "you and your family may claim the privileges of Kshatriya descent; my descent is from the prophets (Buddhas) of old, and they have always acted so; the customs of the law (Dharma) are good both for this world and the world that is to come.
  • History is silent as to the fate of the eastern king, the other son of Lang-dharma, and his successors, but the geographical names of the chieftainships enumerated above make it clear that the western kingdom had 'extended its power to the east.

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