Sentence Examples

  • To address what it labels "the emerging global insulin crisis," SemBioSys Genetics has successfully attached human insulin genes to the oilbody in a safflower seed so that insulin can be harvested from fields of safflower, making the drug widely available and less expensive for diabetic people all around the globe.
  • They claim they can produce one kilogram of human insulin per acre of safflower, which would be enough to treat 2,500 diabetic patients, and estimate they could meet the exploding global demand for insulin with only three commercial farms of genetically modified safflower.
  • The point I am trying to make is that on a global scale, neither the cost of feeding the hungry nor the fundamental lack of food can possibly be the major issue.
  • Farm subsidies in developed nations combined with high-tech farming keep global food prices low, which discourages indigenous agriculture.
  • If global warming is your issue, then push to make plants that remove CO2 from the environment better than anything nature has produced so far.

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