Sentence Examples

  • The family is cosmopolitan, excepting Madagascar and the whole of the Australian region.
  • Picidae, woodpeckers, cosmopolitan, excepting Madagascar and Australian region.
  • The third class of Magyar novelists comprises those cosmopolitan writers who take their method of work, their inspiration and even many of their subjects from foreign authors, chiefly French, German, Russian and also Norwegian.
  • Cosmopolitan as Erasmus was, to the French literati he was still the Teuton.
  • Terence was by birth an African, and was thus perhaps a fitter medium of connexion between the genius of Greece and that of Italy than if he had been a pure Greek or a pure Italian; just as in modern times the Jewish type of genius is sometimes found more detached from national peculiarities, and thus more capable of reproducing a cosmopolitan type of character than the genius of men belonging to other races.