Sentence Examples

  • 492): Here, more perhaps than in any other part of the globe, in Compositae as in so many other orders, we ma~ fancy we see the scattered remains of ancient races dwindlinf down to their last representatives.
  • In 1653 he had made the astonishing proposal to the Dutch that England and Holland should divide the habitable globe outside Europe between them, that all states maintaining the Inquisition should be treated as enemies by both the proposed allies, and that the latter "should send missionaries to all peoples willing to receive them, to inculcate the truth of Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel."
  • These accessories are indispensable if it be proposed to solve the problems usually propounded in books on the " use of the globes," but can be dispensed with if the globe is to serve only as a map of the world.
  • Grisebach, La Vgtatioif du globe, transl.
  • M., or one-sixth of the land surface of the globe (one twenty-third of its whole superficies).

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