Sentence Examples

  • There is no evidence to show that he did much to consolidate his grandfathers conquests south of the Caspian.
  • Other county officers are the clerk (who is ex officio clerk of the district court and of the commissioners), sheriff, treasurer, auditor, recorder, surveyor, assessor, attorney and superintendent of district schools, but where the assessed valuation of any county is less than $20,000,000 the clerk is ex officio auditor, and the commissioners may consolidate offices.
  • He left the Sanctuary to help his dealers consolidate the souls.
  • Frederick the Great was at that moment impatient to extend and consolidate his kingdom by getting possession of the basin of the lower Vistula, which separated eastern Prussia from the rest of his dominions, while Austria had also claims on Polish territory and would certainly not submit to be excluded by her two rivals.
  • Of the measures which William took to consolidate his authority we have many details; but the chronological order of his proceedings is obscure.