Sentence Examples

  • Pal ~dom On the 13th of February the fortress surrendered, sol Francis and his family having departed by sea for lasi al territory.
  • Given in NSI., p. 268, translated Sol sanctissimus; he was further identified with Zeus.
  • Hem heer anoon: Sol gold is, and Luna silver we threpe, Mars yren, Mercurie quik-silver we clepe, Saturnus leed and Jupiter is tin, And Venus coper, by my fader kin!
  • Mithras, identified with Sol Invictus at Rome, thus became the giver of authority and victory to the imperial house.
  • The silver coinage consists of the sol (100 cents), half sol (50 cents), and pieces of 20 (peseta), so and 5 cents; and the copper coinage of 1 and 2 cents.

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