Sentence Examples

  • The government got alarmed when the mob one night attacked the German embassy, tore the arms of the empire from the door of the consulate, and dragged the escutcheon to the Puerto del Sol, where it was burnt amid much uproar.
  • The silver coinage consists of the sol (100 cents), half sol (50 cents), and pieces of 20 (peseta), so and 5 cents; and the copper coinage of 1 and 2 cents.
  • If sol-' vent were to flow one way or the other through the partition, the a° A Percentage of Salo!
  • The economic aspect of the colony is dealt with in Congo, climat, constitution du sol et hygiene .
  • 18, who attributes to Thales, then old, the discovery: " quotiens sol magnitudine sua circulum quem permeat metiatur."

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