Sentence Examples

  • A consolidation loan can be a fresh start for your finances and allow you to streamline your bill paying, but if used frivolously you can wind up in a worse situation than you began with.
  • Waterproof exteriors, special linings, microporous rubber midsoles, and all sorts of inscrutable technologies have been added to the Alpine boots in order to streamline your trek through snow canyons and demise-ridden mountain passes.
  • Standing as the first specialty performance-geared skate shoe, DC shoes were specifically designed to streamline stunts and improve overall skate performance, following the same concept behind the Jordan basketball shoes.
  • Nike is not a name that targets the creation of random and simple footwear; these shoes are geared to help you run faster and more safely, to promote traction, to aid jumping, and to streamline rapid and sharp maneuvers.
  • In Style literally has over one hundred pictures of hair styles from which you can choose, so streamline your search by selecting either the celebrity you love most, the style you are after, or a specific hairstyle.