Sentence Examples

  • Essentially plants for effective gardening, a free grouping of them in the rock garden, or by sheltered streamlet in prepared soil, is among the best ways of seeing them to perfection.
  • The Crati, which flows from Cosenza northwards, and then turns abruptly eastward to enter the same gulf, is the only stream worthy of notice in the rugged peninsula of Calabria; while the arid limestone hills projecting eastwards to Capo di Leuca do not give rise to anything more than a mere streamlet, from the mouth of the Ofanto to the south-eastern extremity of Italy.
  • From the Steddfagurig inn, is Blaen Gwy (the point of the Wye), the course of the streamlet being traceable up to Pont-rhyd-galed (the hard ford bridge), some 4 m.