Sentence Examples

  • The rest sat on, discussing the constitution, drawing up lists of damnable heresies and of incontrovertible articles of faith, producing plans for the reduction of the army and demanding - consolidating his rule and power.
  • After this event, the semi-independent chiefs of the Lombard tribe, who borrowed the title of dukes from their Roman predecessors, seem to have been contented with consolidating their power in the districts each had occupied.
  • That Heriberts device proved effectual in raising the spirit of his burghers, and consolidating them into a formidable band of warriors, is shown by the fact that it was speedily adopted in all the free cities.
  • The intervening years had been spent by the Lombards, not irs consolidating their union, but in attempting to secure special privileges for their several cities.
  • On the pretext 01 consolidating that republic, he invited 450 of its leading men tc come to Lyons to a consulta.

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