Sentence Examples

  • I.): " Raise the sight, and if it keeps in line with a plumb bob, it can be as confidently relied upon as the line of metal, if the trunnions are horizontal.
  • It was ranged by varying the charge, and layed for line by means of a line and plumb bob Laying aligned on a picket.
  • This is called " quadrant elevation," and the proper inclination was given by means of the " gunner's quadrant," a quadrant and plumb bob, one leg being made long to rest in the bore, or by bringing lines scribed on the breech of the gun in line with a pointer on the carriage; these were called " quarter sights."
  • If the bob of the pendulum is iron, and if a coil is placed just below the centre of swing, then, if a current passes through the coil, while and only while the bob is moving towards it, the vibration is maintained.
  • In the new position b would tend to follow the direction of its point of support, whilst c would tend to fall in the opposite direction, and the bob of one pendulum would exercise a restraint upon the motion of the other.

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